Do security doors work?

Before we answer that question, let’s get a definition exactly what is a security door first. A security door has special recessed hinges  and is specially made to provide protection for homes against intruders and unwanted visitors. While a security door can’t be 100 percent secure, it is the closest thing to it and is virtually impossible to break through it or pick the lock. 

There are various types of security doors, all manufactured following the American National Standards Institute guidelines. You can choose a security door in aluminum, metal, or steel and offer the following: 

  • The hinge screws installed won’t allow the security door to open even with the hinge pins removed. 
  • The hinges are hidden.
  • The keys are duplicated only by the manufacturer and requires permission from the owner. 
  • Keyless lock and fingerprint locks are available. 
  • Peepholes are available and alarms, door chains, and deadbolts can be added to any security door.

What is the most secure front door?

Your home’s front door is more than a part of the aesthetics and curb appeal, it is your security door too. It is the first line of defense that keeps your family safe. This is why it is important when choosing a front door to choose the safest one possible. 

The material your front door is made from is an important factor. It will affect the appearance, durability, cost, and most of all, your security. The material of your security door should be your first concern, and the most common recommendation is steel. 

A steel door is the best security door because it provides the most security. A steel door is temperature and weather resistant, meaning it won’t crack, expand, or warp. A steel security door can start around $150 to have a full set up and can be painted to match your home’s exterior décor. Extra reinforcing isn’t necessary because steel security doors cannot be kicked in, so anyone you don’t want to enter your home, won’t be able to.

For the sake of providing you the most information on security door choices, the worst one you can choose is one made of fiberglass. They are inexpensive, starting around $200 but can go as high as $4,000. They don’t warp with temperature changes and come in a wood-look now, but fiberglass is the weakest material. Fiberglass doors are not recommended to be used as a security door. 

So, are steel doors more secure? 

Yes, when compared to fiberglass or wood, a steel security door is the better choice. They are thicker and more difficult to break through. Other factors to consider about a steel security door are: 

  • Appearance: There are fewer options and styles and can’t be customized. 
  • Installation: Must be done by a professional  with the door be cut to specifications to fit the doorway. Anchors and wall frames are installed to give the door the best fit possible. Drywall may be required to complete the frame. 
  • Cost: A basic steel security door cancost between $200and$500, and go as high as $1,000, depending on the thickness.  on the thickness of the steel. The installation is in addition and can cost up to $1,800.
  • Energy Efficient: A steel security doors is more energy-efficient than wood, but not as energy-efficient as a fiberglass door. 
  • Security: A steel security door provides more protection than fiberglass or wood because they are thickermaterial, making it harder to break through. 
  • Durability: A steel security door has a thin outer layer and ismore likely to dent and scratch compared tofiberglass. However, penetration inside of the door is not possible when kicked.
  • Maintenance: A steel security door will rust when hosed down with water. Keeping it oiled is important to keep the door in working order, but they do not need cleaning.
  • Heat: Heat will transfer from the exterior of a steel security door to the interior, heating it up and creating heat inside the home instead of contracting and expanding like a fiberglass door
  • ROI: Both fiberglass and steel security doors will increase your home’s value for resale purpose, and a new front door is always a plus for the curb appeal. You can expect as much as 90% ROI with a steel door versus just over 75% with a fiberglass door.

Do you need a security door or security system?    

Security door vs security system

More than two million burglaries take place every year in the United States according to Alarm System Report. That averages to one home burglary every 13 seconds. Almost 60 percent of those burglaries happen while the occupants or owners are at work or school. 

Homes with coverage from fences, gardens, and trees are likely the first to be burglarized. Almost 100% of these burglaries are forced break-ins.  Yet, despite these numbers, less than 20 percent of citizens have any type of anti-burglar or alarm protection system. 

With that information and those numbers, which is the best option: a security door vs security system?  Let’s look at the pros of each: 

Security Door Pros

  • A Deterrent for Intruders
  • Beefs Up Security
  • Strong Doors Have Strong Locks
  • Property Value Add
  • Fire Retardant

Security System Pros

  • Protects your valuables
  • A Deterrent for Intruders
  • Remote access allowed by mobile device
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Discount
  • Fire or Gas Notification 
  • Know When Kids Get Home

If you’re shopping for a security measure for your home, review these pros and determine which is more important to you. If you don’t have children at home, then that feature of a security system probably isn’t necessary. 

Do security doors keep bugs out?

Yes, if the security door you have installed comes with a screen, and most of them do.  This will not only keep human intruders out of your home, but those crawling, creeping, flying, jumping, sliding, and slithering intruders too. As bad as the burglary numbers are, there are more than 500,000 insects in country. 

Is Your Home Safe?

So, are security doors worth it? When you start shopping for different security measures for the home, the cost may have you wonder are security doors good to have, or would it be a waste of money.  While a security door can be expensive, the homeowners that have them installed will tell you they are worth the expense for the peace of mind they provide for many years. Call 717-267-0059 today for security door installation in Chambersburg, PA.