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Roof Restoration in Chambersburg, PA

Has your commercial space suffered severe damages from weather, UV rays or physical elements in the last few years? You may be considering a roof repair or have been putting off maintenance for a while – but a roof restoration is something you shouldn’t overlook when these damages occur and require costly repairs that may not be within your budget.

For a more sustainable roofing solution, contact us today to learn more about our roofing restoration services in the Chambersburg, PA area.

Roof Restoration Services

A complete roof replacement can be costly, and is recommended for roofs that absolutely need it only, or those who are expanding their space significantly. With a roof restoration, the cost of labor during installation is less expensive, and gives the commercial property the added advantage of not seeking additional office space or going through a replacement.

Metal Roof Restoration:
A metal roof restoration can be done in large sheets or corrugated, and comes in a variety of metal materials. – M

Flat Roof Restoration:
Most commercial properties are flat roofed and require regular maintenance. – A

Roof Coatings:
Roof coatings are an additional component of a roof restoration, designed to fully protect the roof against weather and physical damage. – A

Roof Re-Coatings:
For roofs that have undergone simple restoration or repair services, a re-coating is recommended to fully protect the new roof and prevent further damage. – A

Acrylic Coating:
Acrylic coating is typically installed in two coats to ensure maximum thickness and protection for the membrane. – A

Polyurea coating is easily applied, can be sprayed on multiple times for different levels of thickness for a roof, and has chemical-repellent properties against nature. – A

Easily applied over the initial layers during a maintenance or a restoration. – P

If you’ve experienced any damage or have concerns over your current roofing, contact us today to learn more about our roofing restoration services in the Chambersburg, PA area.

Not sure if you need roof restoration services? Here are a few common indicators to look for:

  • Cracked seams
  • Bubbles or tearing in the membrane or coating on top of the roof
  • Standing water
  • When repairs are adding up and you are experiencing more or continuous problems
  • You notice leaks, mold growth, rot, water stains, unusual odors or failing structure

If your roof is overdue for maintenance, or you want to learn more about our roofing services, contact us today to learn more about roofing restoration in Chambersburg, PA.

Had C&J Roofing replace my ~22 year old roof after a recommendation from a family friend. Had several companies come out, and even though C&J wasn’t the lowest cost we decided to go with them for shingle, skylight, and gutter/downspout replacements. I worked with Mark to get our color picked and other details settled. There were some hiccups, but nothing worth really remembering. Overall we have been really happy with the roof. It’s been about 2.5 months and I am still waiting on the warranty information – I’ll hold out final judgement until I get that and update this, but I am not worried that anything will go wrong at this time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends and others – the crew was awesome, respectful, and did a really good job cleaning up. The equipment they used to remove the shingles kept the yard quite clean, and they were all friendly of our two dogs. I haven’t found anything that was damaged during the work, including even flowers etc. I plan to keep the review updated – a roof isn’t a one or two month thing, its a two or more decade thing. My wife and I are still feeling good about our selection though.

Charles Hedrick

Customer, 09/26/2019

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