What is acrylic roof coating?

There are several ways to extend the lifespan of your roof whether it’s on your business or home. You can get regular inspections, keep an eye out for debris, manage the trees nearby, and even ventilate your roof, but sometimes you want to make more proactive measures. An Acrylic elastomeric roof coating or an acrylic roof coating is a form of roof restoration that can be applied to your roof to significantly extend its lifespan. An acrylic coating provides increased water and weather resistance among other benefits like acting as a barrier against the constant barrage of sunlight that is the primary factor in cutting a roof lifespan. Whether its a flat roof or metal roof, an acrylic coating will be the beneficial addition you need to your home or business.

 When you ask what an acrylic coating is, a roofer will tell you directly it is not a paint, but a coating. Whereas a paint does not react well to ponding water and sunlight, an acrylic coating will resist both. While it depends on the thickness of the coating, the general lifespan of an acrylic coating is 10 years. Furthermore, a person can walk on the roof and not necessarily have to worry about a light hailstorm. While we always suggest getting a roof inspection after every hail storm, we also can apply an acrylic restoration onto your roof upon request. C & J Roofing LLC. in Chambersburg, PA can benefit you and your roof when you call. To make your appointment, reach us through 717-267-0059 today for our various appointments.

Is elastomeric roof coating good?

Acrylic roofing is highly beneficial to a home or business by lengthening the lifespan of the roof by around a decade. To put it another way, an acrylic coating preserves the roof from outside elements. Being environmentally safe due to the low VOC or volatile organic compound levels, a person need not worry about their health when a coating is applied to combat elements like sunlight. That is also the reason why most coatings are white, being designed down to the color to benefit a home or business roof. A person can also get a silicone restoration which could last longer than an elastomeric but is not necessarily as durable. Both in a modern sense have been designed to be more beneficial when considering the environment and the health of the occupant. While by all means, the roof coatings should not be breathed in when applied, the process is done in a way that grants home and business owners a focus on their health while giving an advantage to the structural integrity of the roof.

Can you paint over roof coating?

As mentioned, a silicone coating or an acrylic coating is not paint, it is far tougher and resilient comparatively. However, when thinking about a fresh coat of paint on your roof that has or will have an acrylic coat you can make it to where you are giving your home or business an even bigger advantage. While dark coatings of paint may appear nice, they often absorb more heat and can hinder both your roof as well as the roof coating. That said when you administer a lighter colored coat of paint onto your acrylic coat, you can see the lifespan of the roof increased even more so. This is because light colors work generally the same, a light color will divert the brunt of energy coming from sunlight and actually reflect much of it. So when comparing a dark-colored roof to a light one, the former is hotter and tends to make the interior hotter as well. Whereas the lighter colored roof helps in keeping the interior of the building cooler and refreshing. 

When you have a shingled roof, you will have much more difficulty getting the benefits of a roof coating because an acrylic coat cannot be applied to shingles. The simple truth to that is acrylic coatings are not appropriate for asphalt or most other shingles. Some will say that shingles do not have adequate external fire resistance while others will bring up the constitution of a shingled roof. However, ask your roofers about coats for a shingled roof and much of the time they will have an adequate fit. It just will not be acrylic. 

Does roof coating stop leaks?

In short, yes. An acrylic coating will both benefit your roof and actually stop small leaks from entering. The process works due to before the coating is applied, a roofer will clean the roof and examine it for any damages or spots of entry. In the next step the applied acrylic coating will benefit you by helping spots like: 

  • Openings
  • Flashing
  • Weaker spots
  • Dents 

Both elastomeric and acrylic coatings will provide an extra layer to your business or home atop your own roof. Whether it’s regularly applied throughout the lifespan of your roof or when it’s aged, you will benefit from getting an acrylic roof restoration applied to your roof. Call 717-267-0059 today for C & J Roofing LLC. in Chambersburg, PA to apply yours today.